What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an optimization process which can improve your web presence on the search engines by getting you to appear much higher in the search results.

With a better online visibility, your website shows up for relevant search terms which leads to more website visitors, and ultimately more sales in your business.

Let’s say someone does a Google search for – “gyms near me”. In this case, Google will show a list of gyms near the location.

The search engine algorithm favors some websites and doesn’t favor others. In an order to appear much higher and get your business listed near the top, you must optimize your website to perfection so it’s considered an authority in your industry.

The optimization can be classified into two categories – on site optimization, also known as on page and off site optimization, known as off page. The tasks we perform on the main website which includes content editing, image optimization, title, meta tags, headings etc fall into the on-page category.

Off-page is all about building high quality business listings on third party websites which are not yours. Link building is not limited to, but includes citation building, directory listing, article submission, forum listing, and wiki submissions.

Apart from this, the website must be ready for conversions and user-friendly. The user experience plays a vital role in this case, it also should load fast and use updated technologies instead of obsolete designs.

This comes later, the first goal is to improve your search engine optimization score and start ranking for a set of keywords. Once you start getting a steady flow of traffic, you can always add eye candy to the website later.

Only the most important websites show up on the search results on the first few pages – you must work your way to the top. We breathe SEO, and we can help in optimizing your site and give your brand the much needed exposure.