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Give Your Brand The Much Needed Boost

SEO Growth

Get a better visibility on the search engines, topple your competition, attract more website visitors, and watch the sales come in.

Brand Awareness

Smash your business revenue goals with an influx in website traffic. Watch your business explode with never-ending phone calls and emails from your prospects.

World Class

A world-class business deserves to work with a world-class search engine optimization company. We follow a no-BS approach and only care about your results.

We thrive on building relationships and take great pride in what we do. At Real SEO Guy, we breathe SEO & marketing!

Let's Explode Your Business' Online Presence With Search Engine Optimization

We have been involved in search engine marketing since 2012. We like to stay on top of the game and understand how search algorithms really work.

It’s a fact most SEO ‘experts’ don’t know what they are doing and it shows in results too. This is one reason why we are more result-oriented and we cut short on things which don’t matter – fancy reports included. There's a reason we call ourselves the ‘real’ SEO guys.

Return on investment is all we care about and have seen our clients doubling, tripling, even quadrupling their income over time. Our search engine optimization strategies have stood the test of time, thanks to our 100% safe approach. It will last for years to come, and bring you in front of your ‘customers’ on page 1.

Reach out if you want to scale your business and reach new heights!

Architectural Analysis

Before a campaign starts, we conduct an SEO audit which involves a rigorous keyword research, content research & development and web page optimization.

Competitor Analysis

We have turned SEO into a science. We analyse your market’s top competition and carefully devise a strategy which you will need to outrank them. This strategy will be used throughout the optimization campaign and will get you the desired results.

On Site Optimization

After our audit is complete, we work on your main website and optimize it for best possible results. It involves creating SEO-friendly URLs, header tag optimization, thorough link checks & redirection, and image optimization.

Off Site Optimization

This is where the rubber meets the road. Off site, also known as off-page is one of the most important factors for ranking a website. Having high quality content is one thing, but without a high qualify link portfolio, you will have a hard time ousting your competitors.

You found us through Google search, that should tell you something, right? We can do the same for you and make you appear much higher in the search results and bring you more website visitors on a regular basis.

If your website is buried beyond page 3 for your market search terms, you’re automatically losing customers to your competition.

(Let's put an end to this)

Our Local Search Engine Optimization Services

  • Best in class website rank checking for your keywords to find golden opportunities so you can turn your weaknesses into your strengths.
  • Thorough competition analysis so we know what your competitors are doing. Since we will know what they’re up to, we will outrank them.
  • Maintain website’s structure for compliance with Google search algorithms.
  • Update website code regularly so it can always be crawled and indexed by search engine spiders/bots.
  • Get the website to perform optimally by reducing code and improving user experience.
  • Manually build high quality links to your website so you can dominate in your market.
  • Securing your website by always keeping software up to date.
  • Website optimization for desired buyer-intent keywords so visitors find what they are looking for.
  • Improve your brand presence by adding new/updating existing business directory listings.
  • Checking website’s mobile/tablet views – search engines prefer mobile-friendly websites.
  • Analyse your website’s traffic using Google analytics.
  • Manage your Google webmaster account for sitemap and bot crawling updates.
  • Improve content’s quality for better engagement on the website, and eventually conversions.
  • Developing extra content for your website to position you as the authority in your industry.
  • Sending out monthly reports in a DOC/PDF format. Nothing fancy here, old school ‘easy on the eye’ word documents.

Don't Take Our Word for It

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The Next Steps

If we accept your client application, this is what we’ll be doing to build your website’s authority and improve your brand visibility.

  • Preparing the campaign strategy for optimal results – Involves website audit, keyword research, Google Webmaster tools setup, and sitemap submission.
  • Doing a perfect on-page optimization – We focus on things that need improvement and undo any bad SEO which you might have had in the past.
  • Implementing the off-page strategy – Once the website is optimized to perfection, we take things to the extreme with our 100% safe link building campaigns which will skyrocket your website’s performance in the SERPs.

What Will It Cost?

There’s no one answer to this, pricing depends on many factors. SEO is not a product, it’s more of an investment in your business so the actual cost is ZERO. It will yield a much greater return than what you put in. It also depends on your requirements. If you want the best from the best, you’re at the right place.

However, there are a few factors which determine your investment:

  • Do you need a one-time optimization or on-going marketing campaign for continuous growth?
  • Your long term vision with your business
  • Search engine optimization services’ quality/SEO team's competence
  • Market segment – town/city/big city/affiliate SEO

If you’re confident in your product and services, and know you’re the BEST, you will certainly be able to afford the best SEO company. Let’s join hands and make this a reality.